Just because there are no chapter dinner meetings this summer doesn't mean nothing is going on!  Select "Meeting and Events" for more info about the upcoming Golf and Tennis Tournaments, plus our fall seminar.

-Annie Foster Courtney, 2014-15 Chapter President



Isabelle Lavedrine


Hello Golden Gate ASHRAE Members!

Well, this is it!  Almost the end of the ASHRAE year, and my last presidential message.  As I am writing it, the Bay Area is sweltering in its latest heatwave and my own weather station indicated that the temperature had reached 94°F outside.  It is a “balmy” 76°F here in my living-room – and for that, I am more than thankful for the external solar blinds that we installed when we renovated our entire façade in 2010.  Never mind the added insulation and better windows – the blinds are the key.  And keeping all windows closed too until it is cooler outside than inside.  Could be a while!  But this investment will never pay back as I don’t have air-conditioning – but my comfort is immensely improved.  I like to do more than just “talk the talk” – we should try to conserve before we think renewables.

I am writing this message almost 2 weeks earlier than our secretary needs it – I am off (again!) for an exotic beach vacation and I won’t be taking a laptop with me.  By the time you read these words, it will be June, so we will have fog again.  I’m sure some of you will welcome it back gratefully.

We had a great May meeting, with a very successful Product Show – we cannot thank Hans Kaufman enough for all his efforts in the last few years in setting up this great event.  We also heard about some great projects that won our Chapter Technology Awards, and onwards they go to compete at Regional level, and hopefully, onwards to win more awards for Golden Gate at Society level.  And finally, the more pleasurable part of the evening is when we give our student scholarships away to such deserving people.  Congratulations to all of them!  What always amazes me the most are these 7th or 8th grade kids who win prizes at the Bay Area Science Fair, and the ideas they have and the work they put into testing and realizing their vision.

Only one more meeting to go, at Scott’s Seafood on June 12th – it is, as usual, our Past-Presidents’ night, Spouse’s night.  This year, we will also recognize all our donors to ASHRAE Research.  And the theme of the meeting is ASHRAE, Past and Present.  So please come for a fun night!

Hope to see you there!

Isabelle Lavedrine



Dear Golden Gate ASHRAE members, colleagues and friends,

This June will mark the end of my time for serving the chapter as a board of governor.  My thoughts as I step down are of gratitude and optimism.  What a great ASHRAE community of people (men and women) who are focused on improving our built environment.  A lofty purpose to be achieved while preserving our natural resources.

I look forward to 2020, 2030 and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity to have served and I look forward to the chapter’s continued success.


Thomas S. Weaver, P.E.

Past President